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Is your conservatory too cold in winter and too hot in summer?
The lightweight insulated high performance roof system is a revolution. It provides conservatory owners with a great improvement, without the problems of extreme temperature fluctuations and noise, particularly when heavy rain or hail is falling.

With the incredible u-value of just 0.18 our roof systems will prevent the extreme temperature changes you now experience.

  • Reduces rapid temperature change.
  • Reduces glare from the sun.
  • Reduces exterior noise.
  • Reduces heating and cooling bills.
  • We are Experts in all aspects of conservatory building, with particular attention to roofing.

    New Build or Conversions using Polycarbonate, Glass or Lightweight Solid roof systems, we will guide and advise without the pressure of salesmanship.

    All our roof structures have been designed for retro installation or new build. A retro fit usually takes 2 -3 days using your existing conservatory frames. All products conform to all regulatory planning authority requirements.

    By replacing your roof with a lightweight tiled system, you extend your home, your conservatory will become a usable all year round room, without excessive heating and cooling expense.

    With Waltham Roofs you get:
    The largest choice of roof finishes and colours, some of the tile finishes have been around for many years particularly in USA, Canada and Australia and have been tried and tested, they are guaranteed for 40 years with a life expectancy of over 60 years, giving total peace of mind.

  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship and
  • 12 years guarantee on all other roof components.
  • Roof vents including electric or manual are available.
  • We have a range of lantern top and orangery roofs.
  • The internal ceiling finishes can be varied – usually plastered or tongue & groove timber effect.